October 23rd, 2007, 11:39 pm


Hey everyone, (or anyone) If any of you read Ethereal on Drunkduck you might notice I've been updating there days, if not weeks before updating here. Why? Cuz I keep forgetting I am on here. Its weird not being able to comment on your own work, and I feel like an outcast here sometimes. Does anyone read this?
Oh well, I'll keep updating but if I forget give me a shout... then I'll remember and know someone cares. Hehe. See ya.


HABE, October 24th, 2007, 3:49 pm

I like SJ's update notification system better. I get behind really easily on DD once that little asterisk disappears. On the other hand, it's a fluke when I remember to check the "Home" part of SJ comics like this.

BTW, you can comment on your own work here -- just hit the post comment button and there'll be a check box to make it an author comment that stays on top.

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