September 3rd, 2010, 11:36 pm


Hi everyone!

I am so sorry I abandoned this comic. 2 years it says here. On DD it was only 1 year. I guess I even forgot to update when I sometimes updated DD.

I picked a new template, have better tools to work on the comic and tons of motivation right now so its back. I want to tell this story to as many people as I can so please continue to read if you liked it before, and especially if you are a new reader. According to smackjeeves this is my 99th page. I did add different pages to DD (which passed 100 pages awhile ago) so I suppose that's the difference. Next page will be 100! Hehe.

Remember I am always thinking of all of you in your own hard times. Share your stories if you want. This month is childhood cancer awareness too. Don't forget to buy a Happy Meal likes Angela says!

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